Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a harm reductionist. I’ve worked with drug users for over 15 years as a medical social worker, an individual therapist and a facilitator of support groups.

For a combined 12 years I worked at the  University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center*, the ER at Cook County Hospital* and in Fantus Clinic.* I was on the front lines of the healthcare crisis and saw how drug users are routinely discriminated against and denied medical care by health care providers.

Adjunct faculty at the Silver School of Social Work at New York University. I taught a course on drug policy.

Independent journalist for over ten years. I’ve written about different aspects of the war on drugs from poppy in Afghanistan, to the Mexican drug war, to the impact of race and class in America’s drug war, to the politics of drug treatment and drug policy.

My writing about drugs is informed by my extensive experience working directly with drug users. My drug using clients have taught me about the benefits and the harms of drugs. They’ve given me a front row seat to see how  the War on Drugs really works. My writing on drugs would suck if it wasn’t for the stories my clients have shared with me.

Published many articles about healthcare, including pieces about the crisis in health care in the U.S., the pharmaceutical industry, racial disparities in medicine and the grassroots  movement to make healthcare a human right. I support a single-payer system that abolishes the private, for-profit insurance industry.

I’ve written for: Al Jazeera, AlterNet, Counterpunch, Harpers, International Socialist Review, SocialistWorker, Substance, The Influence, and ZNET.

Filmmaker. My co-filmmaker and I made a documentary about the health care crisis in the United States. It’s called: The Vampires of Daylight: Driving a Stake Through the Heart of the Health Insurance Corporations. 

You can view the trailer on Vimeo.

I’m currently at work on a second documentary titled: METHADONE. Principle photography was completed in Afghanistan and New York City.

Check out the website for METHADONE: methadonethemovie.wordpress.com


*for identification purposes only


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